Course I

Spanish and Tennis

The Spanish element of this course is exactly the same as Course A, with two grammar classes and two conversation classes daily. You will have two one-to-one tennis classes per week, studying Spanish in the morning and playing tennis in the afternoon. The tennis classes are last one hour and are one-to-one (or if you book with a partner you can choose to have the classes together), with an experienced and qualified coach at a prestigious tennis club in Montevideo. On the first day, you will be accompanied to the tennis class, introduced to the coach, and instructed on how to get there independently for the rest of the classes (a short bus ride). Being one-to-one coaching, this course is appropriate for all levels of tennis players, including beginners. In the case of bad weather, classes will be cancelled and, where possible, rescheduled for another day. All equipment is provided; you should wear suitable clothing.

What can I expect to learn?

Beginners can expect to learn the rules of tennis, the scoring system and the basic types of serve and shot (forehand, backhand, volley, half-volley, smash, dropshot and lob).  Those with some experience will be able to improve and develop their technique, learn new skills, play competitively with friends or the coach, or simply play for fun.

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