Course J

Spanish and Sailing, Windsurfing or Kitesurfing

The Spanish element of this course is exactly the same as Course A, with two grammar classes and two conversation classes daily. You will have two, three or four hours of sport per week, depending on each sport. The Spanish classes will be in the morning and the sport classes in the afternoon. The classes are held at Montevideo's highly professional and well-known yacht club, on the Río de la Plata. You will receive one-to-one tuition, or you can book classes with a partner. Experienced sailors, windsurfers or kitesurfers are welcome, a special class will be organized; beginners will start off in and close to the harbour area while they learn the basics. On the first day, you will be accompanied to the yacht club, introduced to the coach, and instructed on how to get there independently for the rest of the classes (a short bus ride away). In the case of bad weather, classes will be cancelled and, where possible, rescheduled for another day. All equipment is provided; you should wear suitable clothing.

What can I expect to learn?

Sailing: Beginners can expect to learn about the parts of the boat, how to set up, the principles of sailing, the basic techniques used, safety precautions  and sailing terms.  You may practice skills such as steering, picking up a man overboard and capsizing safely.  Those with some experience will be able to sail further from the shore, improve their technique, learn new skills, or simply sail for fun.



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