Spanisha dn Horse Riding :: Spanish Immersion Cultural Program South America

Learn Spanish and go horse riding at a ranch in the countryside

This special program combines Spanish study with horse riding experience at a ranch on the outskirts of Atlántida, a coastal town just 50km from Montevideo. The landscape you will explore on horseback is made up of low hills, woodland, wetland and beach, with a network of streams, lakes and marshes inhabited by native species of birds and fish. The ranch owners provide whatever you need to relax and enjoy your time there, as well as information about the local area and technical guidance on all aspects of horse riding and caring for horses. You’ll spend a week studying Spanish in Montevideo and a week at the ranch. In the early morning or late afternoon you will go out riding with an experienced Spanish-speaking guide for about 5 hours each day. During the rest of your time you can choose from many different activities: walking, swimming, cycling, going to the beach, fishing, exploring the town. mornings and go on cultural excursions in the afternoons and evenings several days a week. The Spanish classes cover both grammar and conversation and they are taught entirely in Spanish (the immersion method), according to the method established by the European community. In our experience this maximises the learning experience, allowing students to get the most of their Spanish studies.


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