60+ Spanish Course (Course E)


2 Spanish group lessons and 1 one to one lesson per day / 15 lessons per week and a weekly cultural activity



A lower-intensity course aimed for students who prefer to take their time and  wish to balance their Spanish studies with cultural immersion. There will be two group lessons, covering both grammar and conversation and 1 one-to-one lesson, individually adapted to each student's specific needs.   The cultural activity will be with one of the teachers or other staff member, visiting a interesting monument, museum, market or exhibition, depending on the interest of the student.

What can I expect to learn?

Vocabulary and phrases to use in everyday situations in Uruguay such as shopping, using public transport, eating out, using health services, completing forms and official processes, talking to workmen and estate agents, making small-talk.  You will also develop vocabulary, confidence and fluency through conversation about current events and popular culture.  You will cover grammar topics appropriate to the level (see Course A) but the emphasis is on confident use of spoken Spanish to survive in real-life sitations.You have the option of combining this practical language course with cultural or skills programme, such as Uruguayan CultureCarnival celebrationstango, or a trip to a ranch.

Cultural excursion

The teacher will take the students to a museum, interesting area of the city or historical building to practise the Spanish outside of the class room.

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