Spanish course for Children (Course F)

2 Spanish lessons per day /  10 lessons per week and a weekly outdoor activity


Young learners will enjoy learning Spanish through this course which includes games and creative activities as well as a grounding in Spanish language appropriate to the age and level of the group.Students aged 6 to 12 years old will cover areas of Spanish grammar in an accessible and practical format, and the focus is on confidence and enjoyment of the language. 

What can I expect to learn?

Vocabulary and phrases to use in everyday situations in Uruguay such as shopping, using public transport, sports, school, music, Children will also develop vocabulary, confidence and fluency through conversation related to their iterest. Basic grammar topics appropriate to the level will be covered but the emphasis is on confident use of spoken Spanish to be able to make themselves understandable. 

The outdoor activity;

The teacher will take the students to a park, market, interesting museum or historicial building to be able to practise the Spanish learned in the class room on the street with the locals, using the local transport is an experience already!

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