Internships in Uruguay

  • Horse training at a small ranch in Atlantida / Uruguay


    Riding Ranch InternshipThe ranch occupies 230 ha of land approximately 4km from the town of Atlántida in Canelones, Uruguay. It consists of rustic farm buildings, a cottage, and lots of fields and outdoor space. A Uruguayan family lives in the cottage – the gaucho (a kind of Uruguayan cowboy), and his wife and teenage children. There are around 20 horses and other animals (dogs, chickens, pigs, cows etc.). A lot of the land is rented out to local farmers, and the remaining land is used for keeping and training the horses. Some of the horses belong to Margo and her family (director of the school), and others belong to other people who stable their horses at the ranch. The gaucho is responsible for looking after the horses, breaking in new horses and training some of them for endurance competitions. There are currently 4 competition horses at the ranch and 3 new horses ready to be broken in this year.

    Atlántida is a small coastal town where you will find shops, bars, restaurants, banks and internet cafés. In summer, lots of Uruguayans go on holiday to Atlántida to enjoy the beautiful beaches, clean water for swimming, and the handicraft market.

    Getting around: Buses pass frequently between the ranch and Atlántida, and from Atlántida you can take a bus to Montevideo (about 1 hour). You may also use the bicycle to get around. From Atlántida it is possible to get a bus east along the coast to one of the many beautiful beaches where you can spend a weekend.

    • What is the intern’s role?

    Caretaking of the horsesYou can participate in all aspects of life and work on the ranch, according to your particular interests and abilities. Routine duties include: feeding and grooming the horses, mucking out the stables, maintaining the stables and equipment, routine veterinary checks and procedures, taking out the horses for exercise and training. You will also participate in and learn about breaking in the new horses and training the competition horses. You will work closely with the gaucho, who is an expert horseman, and with Margo’s daughters, who are keen Endurance riders.Endurance

    Time table Monday until Friday. Working hours will be arranged on arrival, but are flexible.  In summer, it’s best not to be out in the sun in the early afternoon so the gaucho does most of his work in the morning and in the early evening. The timetable can be adapted according the season but you can expect start working between 8 and 9 in the morning. The countryside tradition is to take a siesta (a nap) after lunch, in the hottest part of the day, but if you don’t want to you could use that time to go to the beach and swim (during summer).

    Competitions: Margo’s two daughters participate frequently in Endurance competitions, and four of the horses are especially trained for this. You can get involved in the preparation on competition days.

    Please read the report of an US-american student who attended this program!

    • Spanish course

    Interns will complete an intensive Spanish course of two, three or 4 weeks at La Herradura school in Montevideo. It is important to reach a good intermediate level of Spanish in order to communicate with the “gaucho” and his family.

    • Accommodation

    • While attending the Spanish course in Montevideo: Single room in the school residence with other students from the school. No meals are provided, but there is a fully equipped kitchen. (Double room is possible when students are travelling together). After finishing the Spanish course in Montevideo (2, 3 or 4 weeks), the volunteer will move to Atlantida.

    • Accommodation during internship period: There is a simple but spacious and comfortable room for the ranch intern in a separate building with its own bathroom and kitchen, just a few metres from the main house. The gaucho’s cottage has an internet connection, and you can make use of this connection. No meals are provided, but you can cook your own meals in the kitchen. There are shops and markets not too far away from the ranch.

    Accomodation Atlantida 2 Accomodation Atlantida 1 Accomodation Atlantida 3


    Please note:

    • We require a minimum of 1 month for this internship position. Less weeks are possible, but the intern must be a very experienced rider.

    • You must be ready to live in the county and work with basic resources.

    • An internship without a Spanish course is only possible for students with a high intermediate level of Spanish.  In this case a registration fee will be charged. Prices on request.

    • Double room can only be booked if travelling together with a friend.

    • Accommodation in the residence runs from Sunday before the first course day until Saturday after the last course day.

    • Internswill have Sundays off (flexibility).

    • Additional weeks can be booked. Prices on request.

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  • Internship at a travel agency 

    Are you looking to gain practical experience?

    La Herradura offers its students the opportunity to participate in an internship ina tour providing company based in Montevideo. They offer a variety of bus and walking tours visiting many attractions around Uruguay, including Colonia del Sacramento, Punta del Este, and others. Interns will work primarily in their office, located in downtown Montevideo.

    At the company, you fill the role of general assistant and English service provider.

    What is the intern's role?

    Correct and create English, German or Brazilian translations for anything the company might need, including the website, brochures, and advertisements.

    Translate for tour guides who don't speak English, German or Portuguese when they have a high percentage of clients only speaking above mentioned languages

    Answeringthe phone (If the intern has proficient language skills)

    Carry out random tasks, such as organizing or delivering something to a tour guide or clients at a nearby location

    Respond to emails

    Hours are very flexible, but are mostly within the realm of 3-5 hours a day.

    We require:

    A basic level of Spanish

    Attend an intensive Spanish course during 1 month at our school

    A min. stay of 3 months (in case you have an intermediate Spanish level already, we can reduce this to 2 months, but you have to have in mind that during the first month you will be attending Spanish lessons in the morning and intern during the afternoons)

    You have to send you CV

    We offer:

    Guidance from the school´s staff during your internship

    An introductory meeting with the on-site co-ordinator and guidance in how to get to the agency independently.

    A certificate of your Spanish course and work project on completion of the program.

    A list with useful vocabulary

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