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learn Spanish in Montevideo

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    Spanish courses in Montevideo, located in the capital Montevideo, within walking distance of both the city centre and the beach.   
    Spanish courses in Punta Este, located in a quiet area called "Pinares", within walking distance of both the city centre of Maldonado and the beach.   
    Practice your Spanish at Cortijo La Herraduralocated in the countryside between Montevideo and Punta del Este.
    Choose a Spanish course at our schools La Herradura in Montevideo, Punta del Este or at Cortijo La Herradura and you’ll experience high quality teaching and a professional organization within a personal, family-run environment. Our schools are small and friendly, and offer the opportunity to perfect your Spanish out of class through sports, excursions, social activities, volunteer work, internships and much more. Students at all levels will progress as a result of small group classes, the exclusive use of Spanish in classes and on excursions, and the enriching opportunities to get to know the local area and culture.
    Intensive Spanish Courses ||Spanish Immersion Programs


    Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura / La Herradura Spanish school
  • Welcome to our School in Montevideo

    Joining a Spanish course at La Herradura in Montevideo means not only learning Spanish to a proficient level, but also practising your favourite sport, discovering the locality, making new friends and learning more about the Uruguayan lifestyle thanks to the warm welcome of the local people.

    Complete Spanish immersion is provided by the combination of a Spanish course with social activities, sports, volunteer work or internships which will help you to practice outside of class and obtain the best results in a short period of time.

    Montevideo invites you to be part of all this! Our video below shows you what you can expect from your stay at La Herradura.

     Some good reasons to choose our school:

    ·Small and familiar school

    ·Enormous offer of extracurricular activities and sports

    ·Tailored programs to suit each individual’s needs

    ·Active and flexible teaching method

    ·Personal attention from teachers and administration

    ·Small groups

    ·Relaxed atmosphere

    ·High quality teaching

    ·Professional organisation

    ·Easy integration with the area and local people

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