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    La Herradura Spanish school is looking for an English teacher for one of the volunteer organizations they work with in Montevideo. We would like to help them to develop. You will be teaching English at the project "reintegration street children into society".

    A group of young Uruguayans are prepared to work at a restaurant / cafe, and English is required. As a volunteer you will be teaching them English vocabulary for gastronomy and help them to build sentences to be able to comunicate with the clients. More information on the organization. You will be attending Spanish lessons at La Herradura school in the morning and volunteer during the afternoons.  We can offer you a room at the School Residence at a reduced price. Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us.


    Training Course for Teachers E / LE 



    The teacher certification E / LE at La Herradura consists of different vocational training modules that allow you to effectively perform in the classroom from day one. This certificate is aimed at future professionals who would like to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language as well as teaching professionals who wish to update and expand their knowledge.

    The Program:

    The certificate has two options depending on the number of hours you opt for.


    1.PLAN A: 24 hours (20 teaching hours / 4 hours of listening in the classroom).

    Duration: 1 week. In this plan, you have the option of taking two out of the four modules offered.

    2. PLAN B: 50 hours (40 teaching hours / 10 hours of practice).
    Duration: 2 weeks. In this plan, you can take all four modules offered; in addition to the course work, you’ll be able to gain real life experience teaching by using the knowledge acquired during the educational hours of the course.

    The modules we offer are:

    1.    Module "Methodology and Programming of an E / LE Course"

    2.    Module "Communicative Competence: Strategies and Tool”

    3.    Module "Literature as a Teaching Resource in the Classroom of E / LE Course”

    4.    Module "Teaching Grammar in an E/ LE Classroom”


    Methodology and Evaluation:

    The modules will be developed in modality. These modules are structured based on learning objectives that will be acquired gradually through theoretical sessions and practical applications of content. Our methodology is based on three axes: active learning, collaborative learning and self-learning.

    The evaluation will be addressed in two phases:

         Concrete assessments of each module based on the participation and the delivery of the proposed work.

         Final evaluations along with the certificate and folder, you will leave with a more thoughtful follow-up on your learning process through different documents generated throughout the course.





    Spanish courses in the Afternoon / Evening

    More and more there are students who, because of other course work or jobs, are unable to take classes during our 9am-3pm schedule. 

    Starting in May, we will offer evening Spanish courses to students who would like to begin the basics or perfect their knowledge of the Spanish Language. Students will be able to take private classes, semi-private classes or small group classes. 

    Within this evening schedule we will also offer more specific courses, such as business, preparation for a specific exam, or support in other school courses. 

    The private courses will be adapted specifically to each student's needs.
    The group classes will be a mixture of grammar and conversation.

    Students are able to choose the amount of hours they would like to be in class, as well as the specific days. 

    If you have previous knowledge of the Spanish language, you'll need to take an evaluating exam prior to beginning the course. You can take this exam online or at the school.

    The classes will be taught by highly qualified teachers who have experience teaching foreigners and using the immersion method. 

    For more information:
    La Herradura in Montevideo


    Reservieren Sie Ihr Kurs fuer 2016 bis Ende Dezember 2015 und wir werden die 2015 Preise berechnen.


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