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    A escola


    A escola está localizada numa bonita e antiga casa no seguro, central e verde bairro Parque Rodó. As salas de aula e escritório encontram-se no rés-do-chão e a residência estudantil no primeiro piso do mesmo edifício. Há quatro salas de aula equipadas com quadros, grandes janelas, aquecedores no inverno e leitor de CD’s e DVD’s. A escola também tem um pátio no rés-do-chão e dois terraços em dois andares. As áreas comuns incluem uma sala de estar e jantar, uma cozinha grande e duas casas de banho. Há ainda uma sala para o pessoal, um grande hall de entrada e o escritório. A escola tem Wi-Fi em todas as divisões e há um computador para os alunos usarem. A escola encontra-se a 10 quarteirões do centro e 8 da praia mais próxima. Há lojas, restaurantes, mercados, supermercados, transportes públicos e caixas automáticas dentro de um raio de cinco quarteirões. O terminal principal de autocarros está a uma curta distância, tornando-se fácil planear e realizar viagens para fora de Montevideo nos fins de semana.

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  • Curso de Espanhol e dança (Tango ou Salsa)

  • Curso de Espanhol e curso de mergulho PADI 

  • Curso de Espanhol e passeios a cavalo

  • Curso K, Espanhol e percussão 

  •  ¡Hola!
    Spanish courses in Montevideo, located in the capital Montevideo, within walking distance of both the city centre and the beach.   
    Spanish courses in Punta Este, located in a quiet area called "Pinares", within walking distance of both the city centre of Maldonado and the beach.   
    Practice your Spanish at Cortijo La Herraduralocated in the countryside between Montevideo and Punta del Este.
    Choose a Spanish course at our schools La Herradura in Montevideo, Punta del Este or at Cortijo La Herradura and you’ll experience high quality teaching and a professional organization within a personal, family-run environment. Our schools are small and friendly, and offer the opportunity to perfect your Spanish out of class through sports, excursions, social activities, volunteer work, internships and much more. Students at all levels will progress as a result of small group classes, the exclusive use of Spanish in classes and on excursions, and the enriching opportunities to get to know the local area and culture.
    Intensive Spanish Courses ||Spanish Immersion Programs


    Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura / La Herradura Spanish school
  • Welcome to our School in Punta del Este 

    Joining a Spanish course at La Herradura in Punta del Este, means not only learning Spanish to a proficient level, but also practising your favourite sport, discovering the locality, making new friends and learning more about the Uruguayan lifestyle thanks to the warm welcome of the local people.

    Complete Spanish immersion is provided by the combination of a Spanish course with social activities, sports, volunteer work or internships which will help you to practice outside of class and obtain the best results in a short period of time.

    Punta del Este invites you to be part of all this!

  • Medical Internship 

    Are you looking to gain practical experience in medicine or nursing?

    La Herradura offers you the opportunity to learn from experienced medical professionals in Uruguay. You will have the chance to enhance your experience in medicine in a foreign country and at the same time learn another language, a good boost for your resume/CV.

    Combining education with shadowing and assisting in daily tasks of a hospital will give you the change to improve your experience in medicine.

    Internships are an essential requirement for almost any medical degree, and by completing a medical internship abroad, aspiring doctors can gain valuable exposure to the medical field in a different setting they are used to in their home country.

    The hospital in Montevideo will give you the chance to experience helping people who are suffering from conditions that are almost impossible to find in more developed countries. The professionals of this hospital do fantastic work.

    The medical internship of the hospital consists of assisting doctors, nurses, and staff members that provides Obestrian, Gynecologist, and Pediatric services.                    The duties from day-to-day vary, for example: shadowing doctors, organizational support for the doctors and nurses, opportunities to observe medical and nurse practice, assisting doctors while receiving patients, weighting and measuring heights of the newborn, assisting nurses in delivering medical supplies throughout the hospital, and much more. 

    We offer internships at:

     “Hospital Pereira Rossell”,  Hospital de la Mujer- Maternidad (Women- Maternity)

    The hospital was founded in 1908 and the land was donated by a Uruguayan couple with the purpose of building a hospital for poor children, being one of the main newborn and children´s hospitals in Uruguay at the moment. Más información:   

    The hospital is within walking distance from La Herradura school.


    We require:

    A basic level of Spanish

    Attend an intensive Spanish course during 1 month at our school

    A min. stay of 3 months (in case you have an intermediate Spanish level already, we can reduce this to 2 months, but you have to keep in mind that during the first month you will be attending Spanish lessons in the morning and intern during the afternoons)

    You have to send your resume/CV.


    We offer:

    Guidance from the school´s staff during your internship

    An introductory meeting with the on-site coordinator and guidance in how to get to the hospital independently.

    A certificate of your Spanish course and work project on completion of the program.

    A list with useful vocabulary

    Are you the person we are looking for? If you are dedicated, enthusiastic, ready for a challenge and keen to offer your help where it’s really needed, please contact us! 

    An intermediate level of Spanish and some experience of community service would be an advantage, but you will receive all the instruction and guidance you need. You must be ready to work with basic resources in a deprived neighbourhood and have a decent level of physical fitness.

  • Preços 2018


    em breve

  • Preços para cursos de Espanhol e desporto a pedido.


    Mergulho, Vela, Ténis, Kitesurf, Paddle surf, Tango, Hipismo e Percussao 





    Spanish and Horseriding (lessons or rides)

    Spanish and Tennis

    Spanish and Sailing, Windsurfing or Kitesurfing

    Spanish and Drumming

    Spanish and Golf

    Spanish and Tango

    Spanish and PADI scuba diving course


    Ask for more information



    Business Spanish (Course D)

    Businnes Spanish course (Course D); 4 group lessons + 1 one-to-one lesson (Business Spanish) per day /25 hours per week. 

    60+ Spanish course (Course E)

    60+ Spanish course (Course E); 2 group lessons + 1 one-to-one lessons per day /15 hours per week / a culture activity per week 

  • Spanish Immersion Programs

    Spanish Courses

    Here you will find general information about the Spanish Immersion Programs and the range of courses you can choose from. Spanish immersion is guaranteed by the exclusive use of Spanish in the classroom. These courses contain elements of grammar and conversation and are available at all levels, from absolute beginners to proficiency level.  

    Spanish courses in the countryside

    Learn Spanish in the natural environment of Uruguay. Enjoy learning Spanish, riding, biking, hiking, listening to the birds in our small indigenous forest, and finish your day watching the beautiful sunset. An unique opportunity. 


    Spanish and Sports Programs

    Here you will find general information about the Spanish and Sports programs and the range of sports you can choose from. Intensive Spanish immersion is provided by the time you spend with the Spanish-speaking instructors outside of your Spanish classes. Both Spanish and sports classes are available at all levels, from beginner to proficient.


    To enroll in a course at Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura, it is necessary to fill in theonline enrollment form.

    As soon as we receive your enrollment form, we will send you confirmation and a bill including all the reservation details and the amount of the deposit to be made. Enrollment is valid from the day we receive the full deposit amount.We strongly recommend making reservations at least three weeks in advance to confirm availability. 




    4 group lessons per day / 20 lessons per week


  • Working with Whales and Dolphins



    The International Volunteer Program has been running for 10 years and has been recruiting young professionals from around the world to join the activities, actions and campaigns for a predetermined amount of time. We have had volunteers from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, USA, Spain, Hungary, Mexico and Portugal.

    We give volunteers the opportunity to experience working within a small civil society organization, and you are encouraged to work as part of a group to learn, grow and achieve. We offer academic training and research opportunities related to historical, cultural and social aspects of communities.

    The recently approved Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary (September 2013 is imperative to design and promote actions that will generate an increase in public awareness, improved governance and public policy for the conservation of marine biodiversity. Whales and dolphins are the flagship species. One species is the Franciscana Dolphin which is seriously threatened along with the Bottlenose Dolphin which is suffering the consequences of the fishery reduction. The volunteer program is for people who are committed to the cause, various professions and creeds (not necessarily biologists, conservationists or ecologists).

    The International Volunteer Program for Research and Conservation in the Sanctuary covers two areas:

    Monitoring cetacean (right whale, bottlenose dolphin, dolphin Franciscan). Objectives: photo-Id, quantification of behavior (habitat use), population ecology and conservation measures.

    The acoustic and biological characterization in 3 coastal areas (Punta del Este / Laguna de Rocha / La Paloma).

    Objective: Make oceanografic samples of Zooplankton, submarine acoustics, observation and photography of marine birds and cetaceans using the company's research equipment.

    Tours: Travel through the whale and dolphin zones or go looking for them. This includes being in the ‘big bay’, the islet, ‘La Pedrera’ and the area surrounding the Rocha Lagoon.

    To qualify, certain skills are required and these can be seen below.

    Over 18 years old

    Capable of living as part of a group for a prolonged amount of time

    Good problem solving skills and organization

    Ability to clean and maintain the home

    Share a same-sex room (max 3 people)

    Resistant to rigorous climates (extreme temperatures between 0º C/32ºF-40ºC/104ºF winter-summer) and daily climate changes

    Basic knowledge of the Spanish language (written and spoken). 

    Have studied biology and marine ecology at a basic level. Otherwise, you can request assistance for distance-learning (extra cost) (intensive courses from 15 to 30 days)

    Proof of fitness, medical certificate and national health insurance

    Capability to navigate the ocean

    Have a laptop available to you with basic programmes

    Have accepted the terms and conditions for volunteering that we will send you before you arrive.


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