study spanish in punta del este uruguay

  • Intensive Spanish course (Course A) 4 group lessons per day / 20 lessons per week


    Business Spanish (Course D)

    Businnes Spanish course (Course D); 4 group lessons + 1 one-to-one lesson (Business Spanish) per day /25 hours per week. 

    60+ Spanish course (Course E)

    60+ Spanish course (Course E); 2 group lessons + 1 one-to-one lessons per day /15 hours per week / a culture activity per week 

  • Spanish Immersion Programs

    Spanish Courses

    Here you will find general information about the Spanish Immersion Programs, and about the range of courses you can choose from. Spanish immersion is guaranteed by the exclusive use of Spanish in the classroom. These courses contain elements of grammar and conversation and are available at all levels, from absolute beginners to proficiency level.  

    Spanish courses in the countryside

    Learn Spanish in the natural environment of Uruguay. Enjoy learning Spanish, riding, biking, hiking, listening to the birds in our small indigenous forest, and finish your day watching the beautiful sunset. An unique opportunity. 


    Spanish and Sports Programs

    Here you will find general information about the Spanish and Sports programs, and about the range of sports you can choose from. Intensive Spanish immersion is provided by the time you spend with the Spanish-speaking instructors outside of your Spanish classes. Both Spanish and sports classes are available at all levels, from beginner to proficient.


    To enrol in a course at Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura, it is necessary to fill in theonline enrolment form.

    As soon as we receive your enrolment form, we will send you a confirmation and a bill including all the reservation details and the amount of the deposit to be made. Enrolment is valid from the day we receive the full deposit amount.We strongly recommend making reservations at least three weeks in advance to confirm availability. 


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