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Protect sea turtles in Uruguay at the research station in Montevideo


The research station is located in Montevideo, in the zoo “Villa Dolores.“
Opening hours: Wednesday until Sunday 14:00 – 18.00hs.
You can start working while attending the Spanish course.

What is the volunteer’s role?

The research centre’s main objective at present is to observe and determine the approximate numbers and general habits of juvenile green turtles in the zone, and the volunteer’s role is to participate in the daily collection of data, following the guidance of the research co-ordinators.

This might involve:

• Controle juvenile turtles in the centre.

• Assisting the researchers conduct post mortem examinations on turtle remains.

• Helping to care for the recovering and rescued turtles and their pools.

• Guiding visitors around the research centre and explain its work.

• Participating in talks and workshops with local people and tourists on turtle release days.

• Keeping the research centre clean and tidy, and cooking for the researchers and other volunteers.

• Representing the turtles project in public events like Carnival (early February) and the annual Save the Sea Turtle festival (late March).

Spanish course

Volunteers will complete an intensive Spanish course of two, three or 4 weeks at La Herradura school in Montevideo. It is important to have some Spanish in order to communicate with co-ordinators.


Students will stay in the school residence during 1 month and change to another accommodation after finishing this month.

• While attending the Spanish course in Montevideo: Single room in the school residence with other students from the school. No meals are provided, but there is a fully equipped kitchen. (Double room is possible when students are travelling together).

• After completing a month in the school residence: We will help the volunteer to find a good and inexpensive place to stay. This may be a room in a shared apartment, with locals or any other option. Prices quoted below can have a special discount if the accommodation is less expensive

Please note:

• Volunteer work is from Wednesday until Sunday from 14:00 until 18:00 hs.

• Volunteering without a Spanish course is only possible for students with a high intermediate level of Spanish. In this case a registration fee will be charged. Prices on request.

• Volunteering for a shorter period of time is possible. Prices on request.

• Double room can only be booked if travelling together with a friend.

• Accommodation in the school residence runs from Sunday before the first course day until Saturday after the last course day.

• Additional weeks are available. Prices on request.

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