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Teach English in Montevideo Uruguay


Many families cannot afford private lessons which leave children, young adults with little English knowledge.
Volunteers can make a difference by teaching English to those who otherwise could not afford it.
You will teach at social centers, located all over the city of Montevideo. You can use the public transport, which is inexpensive.
You can start teaching while attending the Spanish course.

What is the volunteer’s role?

Teach English at social centers with basic resources.                                
You can also assist the co-coordinator in planning more afternoon activities for the children.  Books or other lesson materials are not always available, so bringing your own teaching materials can be helpful.                             
Some experience of teaching is an advantage.   
You must be ready to work with basic resources and get involved in a deprived local community while working.

Working days: Monday until Friday. Working hours will be arranged on arrival, but will normally be during the afternoons.
We require a minimum of 1 month (preferably more) for this volunteer position.                                

Spanish course

Volunteers will complete an intensive Spanish course of two, three or 4 weeks at La Herradura school in Montevideo. It is important to reach a good intermediate level of Spanish in order to communicate with the co-ordinators at the social center.


• While attending the Spanish course in Montevideo: Single room in the school residence with other students from the school. No meals are provided, but there is a fully equipped kitchen. (Double room is possible when students are travelling together).

• Students will stay in the school residence during 1 month and change to another accommodation after finishing this month.
We will help the volunteer to find a good and inexpensive place to stay. This may be a room in a shared apartment, with locals or any other option.


Please note:

• We require a minimum of 1 month (preferably more) for this volunteer position.

• Volunteering without a Spanish course is only possible for students with a high intermediate level of Spanish.  In this case a registration fee will be charged. Prices on request.

• Double room can only be booked if travelling together with a friend.

• Accommodation in the residence runs from Sunday before the first course day until Saturday after the last course day.

• Additional weeks  can be booked. Prices on request.

• Volunteers will have the weekends off.

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