A good way to work on your Spanish outside of class, and to develop cultural knowledge, is to take part in a Working Holiday.  It’s also a boost for your CV.  If you choose this option you will take part in daily group Spanish classes in the mornings (see the description of Course A), and spend a few hours in the afternoons working at one of our projects.  These projects include non-profit organisations, small and medium-sized private companies, healthcare providers, and countryside ranches.

Some companies require a copy of your CV and/or an interview in person before you begin the placement.  You will receive a certificate of your Spanish course and work project on completion of the program.

We require: At least an intermediate level of Spanish, motivation for learning and work, adaptability and sensitivity towards the specific project, especially in the case of volunteering with a non-profit organisation, and a responsible attitude towards the tasks assigned.

We offer: Spanish tuition and appropriate training depending on the placement you choose, an introductory meeting with the on-site co-ordinator and guidance in how to get to the site independently.


Internship Projects

I1:  Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura

I2:  Teaching English

I3:  Graphic Design and Marketing

I4:  Travel Agency

I5:  Ranch stay in Northern Uruguay

I6: Horse training in Atlántida

These are the projects currently on offer.  If you want to do something that isn’t on the list, or you want to know more details about a project, please contact us.

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