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Internship at a real estate office


La Herradura offers its students the opportunity to do an internship in the real estate business at a real estate office.

The office has numerous projects and investments in all of Uruguay and finds properties of any kind: houses & apartments, properties as investment, properties for business & offices, country houses & holiday homes, hotels & hostels, terrains & country estates, properties for rent.

The office offers the purchase, sale or rental of real estate in Uruguay. The team unites a wide range of qualifications and experience in different fields, and stands out due to its comprehensive market knowledge.

Aside from the purchase, sale, rental and management of properties, the office also offers other services to guarantee its clients the best possible service, including e.g. an energy analysis of properties according to the latest standards with the aim of reducing the energy purchase costs significantly. In cooperation with architects and engineers with international references, we also have the opportunity to develop concepts for improving the efficiency of properties as well as create a complete construction project. 

What is the intern's role?

· Answer the phone (If the intern has proficient language skills)

· Respond to emails

· Create graphics

· Put up signs and posters

· Look for properties in the internet on client's request 

· Upload properties on real estate websites

You can start working after finishing the Spanish course in Punta del Este. 

 Spanish course

Volunteers will complete an intensive Spanish course of 4 weeks at La Herradura school in Punta del Este. It is important to have some Spanish in order to communicate with the research station co-ordinators.


• During the Spanish course, we recommend you to book a single room in the School Residence where you will live together with other students from the school. No meals are provided, but there is a fully equipped kitchen. (Double room is possible when students are travelling together).

While working at the agency, you can live in the School Residence of our school or we can help you in find another option. 



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