We want you to accompany us at la Herradura as we have been teaching Spanish since 2002, and nothing will stop us! 

Many people are unable to travel at the moment or would prefer to learn at home, so we are offering online classes. You can book one to one, or group lessons, at all levels. 

One to one Spanish lessons have a duration of 1 hour, maximum 1 hour and 30 minutes since the dynamics are very intense for both the teacher and the student.

Group courses; consisting of 2 hours per day, or 4 hours per week.   

Except beginners, all student with previous knowledge have to fill in the online level test.

At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of attendance.

During the 18 years we have been operating, we have created a professional, educational program that relies on the support and confidence of important businesses in the sector and most importantly on the thousands of students who have passed through our classrooms. More and more foreign students are opting to start or extend their Spanish studies in Uruguay. 

Prices: we will not charge the registration fee.

One to one lessons:

10 lessons of each 1 hour long. Price: 220 U$D 

10 lessons of each 1/30min. long: Price: 300 U$D

Group lessons:

Option 1: consisting of 2 hours per day, with a total of 10 group lessons.  Price: 135 U$D  

Option 2: 4 hours per week, spread over 5 weeks with a total of 20 group lessons.  Price: 220 U$D  

Words of our teachers;

It is not easy for a teacher to not share the direct experience of teaching with their students in a classroom, but we have adjusted our teachning methods to have a great online learning experience. 

Have a look at a skype presentation and a skype lesson on our YouTube channel to have a better idea of how a Spanish lesson on skype with one of our teachers works. 

Please feel free to contact us.                                                                                             








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