Internship Programs

Internship Programs

A good way to work on your Spanish outside of class, and to develop cultural knowledge, is to take part in a Working Holiday.  It’s also a boost for your CV.  If you choose this option you will take part in daily group Spanish classes in the mornings (see the description of Course A), and spend a few hours in the afternoons working at one of our projects.  These projects include non-profit organisations, small and medium-sized private companies, healthcare providers, and countryside ranches.

Some companies require a copy of your CV and/or an interview in person before you begin the placement.  You will receive a certificate of your Spanish course and work project on completion of the program.

We require: At least an intermediate level of Spanish, motivation for learning and work, adaptability and sensitivity towards the specific project, especially in the case of volunteering with a non-profit organisation, and a responsible attitude towards the tasks assigned.

We offer: Spanish tuition and appropriate training depending on the placement you choose, an introductory meeting with the on-site co-ordinator and guidance in how to get to the site independently.


Internship Projects

I1:  Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura

I2:  Teaching English

I3:  Graphic Design and Marketing

I4:  Travel Agency

I5:  Ranch stay in Northern Uruguay

I6: Horse training in Atlántida

These are the projects currently on offer.  If you want to do something that isn’t on the list, or you want to know more details about a project, please contact us.

Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura

Internship in the school office

Montevideo / Uruguay


We have a vacancy for an intern in the school office of La Herradura in Montevideo.

Internship in the school office

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to perfect his/her Spanish through an intensive Spanish course in the mornings, and gain valuable experience and skills through an office internship in the afternoons.

Please read the interview with a britsh student who attended this program!

• What is the intern’s role?

Responsibilities will include:

-> student support

-> administration

-> liaise with volunteer organisations, tour agencies, host families and other key stakeholders

-> organise and lead social activities with the students

-> collaborate in the web marketing strategy

The vacancy is ideal for anyone with an interest in the following fields of work: administration, business management, marketing, PR, tourism, hospitality, education, NGOs, information technology.

• Spanish course

Interns can take Spanish courses in the mornings at La Herradura school in Montevideo.

• Accommodation

We will help you find affordable housing near the school.

Are you the person, we are looking for?

If you are keen to give your CV a crucial boost, or looking for a productive way to spend your time abroad, and have an interest in this type of business, this could be the perfect opportunity for you! We are particularly keen to hear from people with IT skills and experience of web marketing. All  necessary training will be provided, included Spanish language tuition. For more information or to request an application form, contact us!

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