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Intensive Spanish group Course (Course A)

4 group lessons per day / 20 lessons per week

This is the standard and most popular course, available at all levels from beginner to advanced. Groups will be made up according to the results of the Level Tests done on the first day of classes. Two hours daily will be dedicated to grammar, in which you can expect a teacher-led explanation of an area of grammar, with spoken and written examples, exercises, and opportunities to practice and ask questions. The focus in these classes is on understanding and accuracy. Two hours daily will be dedicated to conversation, with a discussion appropriate to the level led by the teacher but taking into account the students' interests and views. The focus in these classes is on self-expression and fluency, although the teacher will correct errors or clarify grammar as appropriate.

Conversation Spanish at La Herradura Spanish school in Montevideo

What can I expect to learn?

The areas of grammar studied will depend on the length of your stay and on the previous knowledge of the students in the group, but here are some of the grammar topics you can expect to cover at each level:

Elementary: regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, the use of ser and estar, reflexive pronouns, the present continuous tense, comparatives and superlatives, forming questions.

Intermediate: regular and irregular verbs in the past tense, the perfect tenses, reflexive verbs, direct and indirect object pronouns, reported speech (statements), the use of por, para and other prepositions.

Advanced: contrasting the past tenses, the present and past subjunctive, the future tense to express possibility, the conditional tense, and reported speech (requests and commands).

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