Teacher training course 

La Herradura teacher training course is aimed at future professionals teaching Spanish as a foreign language, as well as teachers who wish to update and expand their knowledge.

The course itself is made up of different professional training modules that allow you to perform effectively from day one of the course.


What can you expect?

grammar blocks are given by our teachers, the areas of grammar studied will depend on your needs.

observation of real classes with foreign students 

observation of classes taught by a teacher of the academy

presentation of individual classes to students of the academy with the observation of one of our teachers

return of the experience of in the observation of classes

delivery of gramma topics of the assigned classes 

the teachers of the academy will make the return of the classes taught by the student


What can you expect?

an attendance certificate

a booklet with the program of the course and teaching materials

welcome and a farewell drink

This course is designed for individuals or small groups





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