Course K

Spanish and Drumming


The Spanish element of this course is exactly the same as Course A, with two grammar classes and two conversation classes daily. You will have 2 one to one and 1 group drumming lessons per week. Spanish classes are in the morning, and drumming in the afternoon. The drumming classes are held at walking distance from the school.  A wonderful opportunity to learn more about the well known Uruguayan Carnival.The classes are available at all levels, from total beginners to advanced, the teacher will adapt the programme accordingly. On the first day, you will be accompanied to the rumming school, introduced to the teacher, and instructed on how to get there independently for the rest of the classes (a short walk away).  

What can I expect to learn?

Introduction into the Candombe-Drumming: short presentation and explanation of the drumming, equipment, structure, and the three different types of drums (Piano, Chico, Repique), different tones and experimenting with those. Furthermore, it's about the base material wood, and a first approach to the different types of drums Piano and Chico as well as today's concepts about the Candombe, characteristics of the drummers and their traditional clothes.

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