Spanish immersion program

Explore Montevideo and experience Uruguayan Culture with a Spanish teacher 

Are you in the city of Montevideo only for a few days and would like to attend a Spanish course, but just don't have the time?

With La Herradura Spanish school you can explore the city of Montevideo while learning Spanish with our teacher Matias.

This special program combines cultural excursions with Spanish lessons outside the classroom, designed to give you an insight into the diverse and fascinating history of Montevideo and the Spanish language.

You’ll go on guided tours with our teacher Matias, visiting the city’s neighborhoods, museums, parks, historical buildings  And, of course, an introduction to the tango, Carnival and gastronomical culture, as any Uruguayan cultural program would be incomplete without this. 

Visiting all the points of interest will inspire Spanish conversation, vocabulary, and also grammar issues while enjoying a drink in one of the many traditional bars of Montevideo.  

This Spanish immersion will make your time in Montevideo a learning experience, allowing you to get the most of your short visit. 

Contact us and let us know for how long you will be in Montevideo if you are traveling on your own, or in the company of a friend or partner, your interests, and if you need accommodation, so we can send you our proposal. 

Have a look at the presentation on the school's YouTube channel

We invite you to make your time in Montevideo a different one!


La Herradura Spanish school in Montevideo is very proud of having this program also listed on Travelstride.

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