Teaching method


MethodThe classes are taught entirely in Spanish (the immersion method).  In our experience, this maximizes the learning experience, allowing you to get the most of your Spanish studies.  The classes are divided into two hours of grammar and two hours of conversation.  This way, students develop a sound understanding of the basic grammatical concepts and build on it with practical communication skills and everyday vocabulary, which they can use outside the classroom straight away.  Teachers will usually assign a short exercise for homework each day.

Grammar; The areas of grammar studied will depend on the length of your stay and on the previous knowledge of the students in the group, but here are some of the grammar topics you can expect to cover at each level:

·         Elementary: regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, the use of ser and estar, reflexive pronouns, the present continuous tense, comparatives and superlatives, forming questions.

·         Intermediate: regular and irregular verbs in the past tense, the perfect tenses, reflexive verbs, direct and indirect object pronouns, reported speech (statements), the use of por, para and other prepositions.

·         Advanced: contrasting the past tenses, the present and past subjunctive, the future tense to express possibility, the conditional tense, and reported speech (requests and commands). 


Conversation classes allow students to develop their speaking skills, listening skills, fluency and vocabulary through guided discussions of topics appropriate to the level of the group.  The teachers may provide material, such as a picture, short text or questionnaire to prompt the conversation.  Topics may include personal information, likes and dislikes, past experiences, giving your opinion, asking for advice, the differences between Uruguay and your home country, current affairs, travel and culture.  If the students are total beginners, these classes deal more with practical application of the language, whereas at intermediate and advanced levels it is all about conversational Spanish. Conversation classes tend to be informal, fun classes – if the weather is nice classes can be given in the garden, the beach or a nearby park.


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