To enrol in a course at Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura, it is necessary to complete the online enrolment form. As soon as we receive your enrolment form, we will send you a confirmation and a bill including all the reservation details, as well as the amount of the deposit to make. Enrolment is valid from the day the mentioned amount is paid. We strongly recommend making reservations at least three weeks in advance to confirm availability.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If the applicant cancels the program after paying the corresponding deposit, Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura will transfer back 30% of the received amount, minus the transferring costs. In case of cancellation one week before the program start date (we want to make this clear), on arrival in Uruguay, or while attending the program, no refund will be given. In case of emergency (illness or death), Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura must be informed through a letter explaining the reason for the cancellation.

MEDICAL COSTS: We recommend that the students arrange international medical insurance in their home country, which includes repatriation in case of emergency. The school is not responsible for any costs incurred for emergency or routine medical treatment during the student’s stay.

INSURANCE: We recommend that the students arrange comprehensive insurance in their home country which covers loss and damage of personal belongings including theft. We do all we can to maintain a safe and secure environment in the school and accommodation, but do not take responsibility for loss, theft or damage of personal belongings.

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