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Working with Young people


You will work at a non-governmental and non-profit organization which was founded in 1988 with the aim to change social policy in Uruguay. They stand up for human rights by organizing innovative projects to improve the quality of life of Uruguay’s citizens. The program of El Abrojo consists of 6 different projects, which are all about education, investigation, prevention and socialization.

One of the projects of the organization is reintegration of street children into society. The organization helps those children who experienced social exclusion by offering activities as well as help for their families if there are any other family members.

Volunteers can work by helping to look after the children and spending some time with them, e.g. help them with their homework, play games, do sports or handicrafts. Trained volunteers (e.g. in medicine or other areas) also have the opportunity to do other kinds of work which require a specialized knowledge of the subject. 

There’s a great variety of projects for the children to guarantee social inclusion and promote education. The organization wants to inform people about the necessity of such programs and the development of preventive measures so that they can combat the problem of socially excluded children who are living on the streets of Maldonado.


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