Essential Information

Registration fee of: 50U$D; including textbook and photocopies, coffee/tea during the morning break (Mondays and Fridays with cake), guided walk in the school’s area on the first day, organization of activities, a lecture talk and certificate of attendance.   

On arrival, the students will receive a folder with information about their stay with us, including a city map. Students who book accommodation through the school will find the folder at the accommodation when they arrive, and those who don’t will receive it on the first course day. 

Spanish courses begin on Mondays (except national holidays) all year round.             

Course length: The minimum length of group courses is one week and there is no maximum.  The courses run continually depending on the levels of the students attending the school.  

Each hour has 55 minutes

Each course includes a 10-20 minute break every day

Levels: All the courses, except Course D, E and H, are available at all levels of Spanish, from absolute beginner through to advanced. Progress from one level to the next depends on the individual student, the type of course, and of course, how much time they dedicate to Spanish outside of class.  Typically, students will cover between one and three new areas of grammar each week, as well as revise areas previously covered.

The timetable: Group classes run between 09:00 and 15:00 each day (one-to-one classes may be given after 15:00).  Students will find out their timetable after having sent in the online level test. Students with no previous knowledge don’t have to fill in the level test. The timetable is displayed in the school.

The first day of the course will begin with conversation lessons so the teachers can see the skills of each student.  The timetable on the first day may be different to the rest of the week, but will be the same from Tuesday through to Friday.  On the first day of classes, a welcome meeting will be held to introduce students and staff to each other, to explain a bit about the school and to present the week’s social activities.

Every Friday, or each 2nd Friday, there will be a written exam to evaluate the students and this exam is important for the final note on their certificate.

At the end of the course there will be a fare well drink and the students who are leaving will receive a certificate of attendance, which includes a record of the level of Spanish achieved and personal feedback from the teachers.  We also ask students to complete a questionnaire to reflect on their experience and offer their feedback on their stay with us so that we can continue improving.

The students: The minimum age for all courses is 17 (except for the children’s course). We can accept younger student (aged 15, 16) with their parent’s written permission, as long as they book accommodation with a local host family. There is no maximum age.   

Groups: There is a maximum of 6 students per group, although that number may be exceeded in conversation classes.

If a student books group lessons, but there are not sufficient numbers of students to form a group at the appropriate level, the course will go ahead but it will be adjusted:    

Course A4 hours per day in group. If there are no students at your level, 2 one-to-one lessons will be given. If there are only 2 students in the group, the lessons will be reduced to 3 semi-private lessons daily. It might be the case that you will be in a group for part of the course and in one-to-one classes for the rest of the course: for example, 1 hour of one-to-one grammar classes and 2 hours of conversation class in group.

Course B: 6 hours per day in group. If there are no other students at your level, 3 one-to-one lessons will be given. If there are only 2 students in the group, the lessons will be reduced to 4 semi-private lessons daily. Normally, those who choose course B participate in the Course A classes and receive 2 extra hours in group per day-or, if there are no other students at your level for the 2 extra hours, you will receive 1 hour one-to-one per day.

Course D: (Business); 4 hours in a group and 1-hour one-to-one lesson per day. If there are no other students at your level, 3 one-to-one lesson per day.

Courses E (DELE course): 2 hours in a group + 2 hour one-to-one per day. If there are no other students at your level, 3 one-to-one lessons will be given.

Course F: (60+ course): 2 hours in a group + 1 hour one-to-one per day. If there are no other students at your level, 2 one-to-one lesson will be given.

These changes are designed to reflect the intensive nature of individual tuition.

The group may change in the course of an individual student’s stay, as new students arrive, other classmates leave, or if you progress to a different level.

Students booking the Children/Teenager course have to be accompanied.

The office is normally open every day except weekends and holidays from 08:30 to 15:30. Office staff are available during these hours to answer students’ questions about excursions and activities as well as to respond to any comments or doubts about the courses and accommodation.  For example, if the student feels that the classes are too easy or too difficult, they can talk to the office staff or to the teachers about moving to a different level.  The office is also the place to go to pay for the social activities or to make general enquiries.  

Students have to arrange their insurance; the school is not responsible for accidents, illness, and robbery in or outside the school or accommodation.

Medical costs: Uruguay requieres a medical insurance to enter the country. The school is not responsable for any costs incurred for emergency or routine medical treatment during the students stay at one of our programs.

Cancellation Policy: if the applicant cancels the program after paying the corresponding deposit, this will not be refunded. In case of cancellation one week before the program start date (we want to make this clear), on arrival in Uruguay, or while attending the program, no refund will be given. In case of emergency (illness or death of a Family member), you will have the opportunity to postpone your program, or cancel and we will transfer back the received amount (less bank costs).You must inform us by sending a letter explaining the reason for the cancellation.