Spanish school in Punta del Este

The Spanish school is located in the safe, central and green Pinares neighborhood at a few minutes walking distance from the Mansa beach. There are two comfortable fully equipped classrooms and a common area for the breaks. The big garden also has different shady areas adapted for conversation classes in the open air. The school has Wi-Fi throughout.     The Atlantic ocean is at two block from the school, so whenever the weather allows it, Spanish classes on the beach will be given as well. The Spanish school is located about 10 blocks from the centre of Maldonado, 2 blocks from the nearest beach and 4km from the centre of Punta del Este. There are shops, restaurants, supermarkets, bus services and an ATM within a five-block radius. The main bus terminal is also within walking distance, so it is easy to plan and make trips outside of Punta del Este at the weekends.  The School Residence is situated in the main house. There are 3 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, living room, terrace and garden in where the school is located. Spanish immersion is provided, as you will live with a Spanish teacher.