Ranch Stay

Bienvenido al Cortijo La Herradura

Experience the natural environment of Uruguay, and enjoy Riding, Hiking, Biking, Animals, nature, and finish your day watching the beautiful sunset, practicing your Spanish with the locals.

«Cortijo La Herradura» is a family business. The idea came from our passion for horses and nature and the positive feedback from students after taking them horseback riding at another facility. We want to share the tranquility of the countryside with you!

The property is situated in the ruarl areo of the department of Canelones, 7km from the village «Estación Tapia», and 30km from the coastal village Atlantida.

On your rive to the ranch «Cortijo La Herradura», you will notice how you are completely surrounded by nature. There are no high buildings, just miles of lush green fields.

The property is 17 hectares big, and will give you the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful Uruguayan countryside. You can visit the vegetable garden and green house, walk around the place accompanied by our dogs and get to know the cows, chickens, rabbits, cats, goose, sheep, pig and all our horses. They are magnificent creatures of huge, overbearing stature, but friendly enough to allow you to approach them. You can rest at the cutwater, enjoying the fabulous views, or relax with a book under a tree in tour garden, or in our small indigenous forest, while listening to the sound of birds chirping.

Volunteer experience

Staying at Cortijo la Herradura for the past month and a half has truly been an incredible experience. Overall, my time here has been filled with so much happiness, learning, excitement, and peacefulness. I have been able to spend many wonderful hours with the animals here, all of whom have a special place in my heart (especially my favorite cat Campeon!). My time with the horse Cleopatra has been one of much patience and education yet also adventure and connection.

I have also enjoyed the cooking and baking aspects of my time here and being able to help Rebeca in her culinary aspirations. Not only have I added new foods to my recipe book but also I have gained firsthand experience on the behind the scenes of a kitchen. The ecological influences on the functioning of Cortijo la Herradura have also taught me much on how to incorporate sustainable practices into my own life. Finally, and most importantly, the people here have truly enriched my experience. I have been able to interact and form relationships with local people, all of whom have treated me with so much respect and kindness. Most touching for me was how Margo and Rebeca have accepted me into their family – my experience here unquestionably would not be the same without them. Their openness, generosity, and groundedness is admirable and unlike most people in the world, and it has truly been an honor to have had this time with them and their animals in my life. I will forever be thankful for and be thinking of my Uruguayan family.